UWA Call Data

Call for space geodetic solutions corrected for non-tidal atmospheric loading


A copy of the distributed call can be downloaded here: UAW_call.pdf


Here interested users will find station data and Stokes Coefficients associated with the above call.

The data represent the 3-dimensional surface displacements predicted by atmospheric mass loading. The data span the period 2006-2011 at 6 hourly spacings.

Sub-daily atmospheric tides have been filtered using the algorithm developed by Tregoning and described in Tregoning and Watson, (2009), Atmospheric effects and spurious signals in GPS analyses, J. Geophys. Res., 114, B09403, doi:10.1029/2009JB006344.


Station Data

Data for each station_domes# combination can be found in the Downloads page in the directory Call_filtered.



Before 23-May, the time series files on this site were not correct. (Thanks to D. Pavlis from GSFC for helping me sort this out.) The colums were mislabled and the units were in mm. The files have been compared with surface displacement data from GPS and they match. The files available as of 23-May are correct. THE UNITS OF THE DISPLACEMENTS ARE MM not CM as previously stated. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Each station file contains:

  • 2 header lines
    • 4 character station code and domes number
    • longitude and latitude of the station
  • 8764 lines of data
    • iyr, imo, idy, ihr, dn, de, du
    • all displacements in mm

Stokes Coefficients

Stokes coefficients up to degree and order 50 can be found in the Downloads page in the directory Stokes_coef.

The Stokes Coefficients here do not contain any degree-0 or degree-1 terms.They should only be used in the Center of Mass + Fluid reference frame. The coefficients are sorted by year and doy as reflected in the file naming convention, thus each file contains four sets of 6 hour records. Each file can be read with the following fortran code.


     do iep=0,18,6
        do l=0, 50
           do m=0, 50
              read(nn,*) l,m,clm(iep,l,m),slm(iep,l,m)
           end do
        end do
     end do


Requests for data in a different format should be addressed to tonie.vandamuni.lu