PGR data sets

The data found here are legacy data that was once located within the Special Bureau for Loading of the GGFC. As a result of the reorganization of the GGFC, SBL no longer exits.


The GGFC are very grateful to the authors who have made their predictions freely available for the SBL pages. All material made available through this web site is available for download and use in scientific studies. However, proper credit should be given to the source and the authors. Thus, using the model predictions and the authors should be cited.


The submitted predictions are currently being made available under the authors names as well as organised according to the geodetic quantities (the latter is not fully completed). All submissions also include the Earth and ice models used in the computation.These are also made available both under theauthor names as well as separately under earth and ice models.

Documentation provided by the authors is available under the author names and additionally where appropriate.