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About Combination Products

Here you will find datasets derived using two or more of the GGFC fluids.

I. Operational and historic AAM/OAM/HAM time series and associated documentation provided by M. Thomas can be found here:

Here users can find AAM/OAM/HAM time series derived from an individual model.  Choices include:

ECMWF ERA-40 reanalysis 1958-2001

ECMWF ERA-Interim re-analysis 1989-2008

Operational ECMWF 2001-present

ECMWF 10-day forecasts


II. Station Load files derived from the GRACE Atmosphere+Ocean dealiasing products.  (GGFC Operational Product)

The data used as input to the loading computations can be found here (also a GGFC Operational Product):

The loading grids here are updated semi-annually at a minimum.

If you require udated data or stations not listed, please contact T. van Dam, tonie.vandam @

The input data represent the Stokes Coefficients of the Gravity field.  The Stokes Coefficients are converted into 3-dimensional surface displacements using:


Additional information on the dealiasing products can be found here:

The data provided here are first organized by reference frame. Within each reference frame directory the data are organized by year, then by filename.  For each day there are two epochs of data:06, 18 hours

Each station file contains the 3-dimensional surface displacement (in mm) for the station for the year.  The columns in each file represent the time (fraction of year), dvt is surface displacement to the north,dvl is surface displacement to the east, and du is surface displacement in the radial direction.  All displacements are in mm.

A 30 year mean has been removed from the data set.

Anyone using this data set is requested to use the following citation:
van Dam, T., 2010, Updated February 2012. 3 dimensional surface displacements
derived from the GRACE dealiasing products. Data set accessed YYYY-MM-DD at

For questions regarding this data set, please contact T. van Dam, tonie.vandam @